How it works


We have put together a rentable collection of Uhana gems, which also includes unique pieces and rarities from which you can find that perfect garment, fit for that extra special occasion. Whatever adventure’s ahead of you, pick something truly extraordinary to wear — and return (it) safe and sound.


5 steps to Dazzle & Shine


1 – Choose your favorite outfit and choose a delivery date between 3 days and 3 months

2 – Verify your order with payment

3 – The order is either delivered to you via Post or you may pick it up from our store on the first day of the rental period

4 – The rental period is 2 weeks

5 – Return the order back to the store or send it back using the same package, depending on what delivery you chose - We’ll take care of the rest!


Uhana Dreams rental service sets you free from both having nothing to wear and doing laundry! Products are maintained by professionals and the quality of our rentables are checked regularly after every use. You can expect to have a fresh high quality Uhana garment every time. Small signs of use can be seen as we share the wardrobe with one another.


Uhana Dreams is a rental service by Uhana label. The service is operated by MyClothable Oy. Customer service:




Can I reserve a product beforehand?
Yes, an item can be reserved up to three months before you need it. Each item has its own calendar for booking. Payment is due at the time of the reservation.


Can I cancel my order?

Canceling your reservation is possible and free of charge when cancelled no later than 14 days before the rental period begins. After that, we’ll charge the normal rent for the product(s). The order is fixed to a certain time period and thus cancelling after receiving the order does not apply to our rentals.


However, if your rentable doesn't meet our Quality Guarantee standards or the size doesn't fit, we offer a free replacement when notified within a day from delivery.



How do I return the order after use?

It’s easy! Orders delivered from our webshop are returned by dropping the package to any Post office or package automat in Finland on the last day of the rental period by 12pm. Repack the order using the same material which you received it in, attach a new address sticker found inside the box, and it's ready for delivery. The sending costs are already taken care of.


Orders picked up from our store will be returned there on the last day of the rental period. Uhana Store Tampere is open Mon-Fri 11am-6pm and Sat 11am-5pm at Verkatehtaankatu 8. Welcome!


What if the size doesn’t fit?

We have made a Satisfaction Promise that you can exchange the product within a day from delivery if the size does not fit. Web shop orders contact customer service by email . Store orders contact directly by phone +35844 237 7169 (Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-17).


Can I purchase the item I’ve rented?
Did you fall in love? We understand you might. We got you covered and we’ve sent you a personal discount code in our reminder email. Simply apply the code at our webshop or in our stores to purchase your own dream wear. Rentables can’t be purchased – they are made for sharing.


Can I wash the product?
You can take good care of the product by storing it in a  hanger and airing when needed. Stains get off easily when pressed immediately with a clean towel or kitchen paper.. 


Washing should be avoided but in case you still have plenty of time left of your rental period, you may wash the item according to the instructions on the garment label. We’ve gathered instructions for our materials here:


Can I prolong the rental period?
For inquiring more time to enjoy your Uhana garment please contact our customer service by email Depending on reservations you may be able to continue the rental period with extra payment of 20€/week.


What if the order is returned late?

The order is to be returned on the last day of the rental period. This means it should be at the Post office or automat no later than 12pm on that day. After that, we will collect a late delivery fee that is 20€/day.


What if the product is damaged?
Don’t worry, normal wearing happens and is part of enjoying life. By normal wearing we mean stains and small cutting of threads which both can be taken care of. This is covered with our quality guarantee. In case the product is damaged profoundly and is no longer usable, we will charge a damage fee that is the equivalent of the normal sales price of the product.


What if the product goes missing?
In case the product gets stolen or disappears during use, we will charge a damage fee that is the equivalent of the normal sales price of the product. An item is considered missing 30 days after the renting period has ended. The fee will be charged in seven days and payment is due to 30 days.




Thank you for being part of revolutionizing consumption with us. We believe in both responsible production and consumption. We hope you enjoy the item of your choice and get to dazzle and shine. Take good care of yourself and the garment, and it will delight others too after you.