Data protection and data file description

Privacy policy and register description

Registry keeper:MyClothable Ltd (henceforth in this document "Our Company"), Mäkelänkatu 62, 00520 Helsinki

Business ID:3020193-8

email address:

How to contact us:

-email us at

What data do we collect?

We collect the following personal data regarding you as a customer: 

-Personal identification information: name*, address*, date of birth, user names and customer IDs, language preference, telephone number*, email adress*

-Information regarding purchases, so as to create a pleasant user experence and ensure that you find you desired products easily*

-Information regarding user preferences, so that we can deliver the products you desire to you*

-Information regarding provision of customer support, so that you get answers to any questions you may have

-Information regarding marketing communicatins

-Information regarding customer queries

Data marked with an asterisk (*) are a prerequiste for an contractual and/or customer relationship to be formed. We cannot deliver the product or service without this data. 


How will we use you data?

Our Company collects data for:

-the production, development adn monitoring of services

-managing customer relationships including customer communication, development of customer relationships and personalisation of services

-optimising your user experience and processing reservations and orders'-delivering customer service

-performing customer communication and marketing in the marketing channels used by Our Company, such as direct marketing, email, Instagram and Facebook

-conducting customer surveys and analyses

-performing regulatory obligations and administrative tasks, such as debt collection

How do we collect your data?


We collect and process personal data when you rent or place an order for something, return products, call our customer service, agree to receive our marketing communications, browse our website or use any other services on our website We use cookies to collect data in order to better understand how you use our website and to offer a pleasant user experience (eg., shopping cart). Cookies are small files that may contain an anonymous unique ID tag.


How long do we store your data?


In deciding on how long a specific type of data is stored, the leading principle is that data is only stored as long as it is necessary for a specific use purpose. The following is a description of the storage times and the criteria used to determine them. Data regarding registered customers is stored as a rule as long as the customer remains registered. We do not store your personal data any longer than what is necessary for performing the tasks for which you surrendered the data, unless the law permits or requires that we store it for longer. The length of the storage period depends on the purpose of the data processing. We regularly evaluate the need for storing data based on the applicable legislation. Moreover, we undertake reasonable measures to ensure that the personal data we store are not contradictory, out of date or inaccurate in relation to the purpose for their processing. We correct or delete such data without delay. When the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, we will stop processing the data once the consent is revoked. An example of the aforementioned is when you subscribe to a newsletter, the data regarding which we will delete at once, when you have informed us that you wish to cancel the subscription.


What are your data protection rights?


When the processing of your personal data is based on consent, you can revoke your consent at any time. The processing of your personal data is consent-based, for example, when you have given permission to be approached by digital direct marketing. You may withdraw your consent by contacting customer service or by cancelling the permission for digital direct marketing through our website. You may grant permission for direct marketing for each marketing channel separately (messages to smartphone, email etc.). You may deny the use of your personal data for direct marketing and customer survey purposes. If you do not consent to digital direct marketing or direct marketing by mail or phone, we will only send you customer communication which is necessary for performing the services you ordered or that are intended for you, or for managing the customer relationship.


You have the right to request to know, whether Our Company is processing your personal data. If we are processing your data, you have the right to request a copy of the personal data we are processing. If we are not processing your data, you have the right to receive conformation of this also. You have the right to rectify or complete any personal data that is inaccurate or incomplete, or to request your data to be erased under certain conditions. We will erase your data upon request, when the conditions stipulated in the legislation are met. As a registered customer, under the General Data Protection Regulation you have the right to object to processing or request that Our Company restrict the processing of your personal data under certain conditions, and to report a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office. You may have the right to object to processing your personal data. We will cease processing your personal data when requested, under circumstances defined by the legislation.


How can you exercise your rights?


If you wish to exercise your rights described above, you can send a request concerning this to our Customer Service, the contact information of which is to be found on the front page of this Privacy Policy and Register Description. If the reply contains your personal data, we will supply the data depending on the case either encrypted in a digital format or by mail using a personal registered letter. The letter can only be signed off as having been received by the person identified as the recipient. Thereby we can ascertain the confidentiality of the data of the true recipient of the letter.


Who do we grant access to your data?


Personal data is processed only by those employees of Our Company and our partner companies whose fulfillment of duties requires the processing of this data. All those processing personal data are bound by professional confidentiality. Data from the Customer Data Register is only surrendered outside of our Company in situations described below, when required by Law, as a consequence of a merger or acquisition, and in matters relating to debt collection.


Customer data may be surrendered to partner companies under the following circumstances:


Customer data may be surrendered to payment service providers such as banks, credit institutions and other payment service providers to a degree necessary for the fulfillment of the service.

Data relating to customer feedback may be surrendered to partner companies to the extent that this feedback applies to the companies in question.

When purchases made through Our Company give rise to rewards in a partner company’s rewards program, the partner company in question will be given the contact information of the customer, data regarding the purchase, and the data and value of the purchase.

Personal data of customers is processed in addition to Our Company by other service providers and partner companies on behalf of Our Company only to the extent necessary and by assignment.

Our Company strives to ensure that personal data is processed primarily within the EU and EEA.  Some of our subcontractors may be domiciled outside of the EU. When that is the case, we will safeguard your privacy and rights by utilizing the Standard Contractual Clauses regarding data transfers by the European Commission.